Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can this product be used on wood floors?

A. Yes our Pet Stain & Odor Terminator can be used on wood flooring. One primary benefit will be that it will remove the organic urine smell your cat or dog will leave behind. This will help prevent your pets from re-marking those areas of your floor or carpeting.

Q. Can this product also be used on upholstery?

A. Yes, it is ok to use on upholstery. It is also good for more than just pet stains and odors. This product was awarded the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval, meaning it will work on any type of organic stain you may run cross on your carpet or upholstery

Q. Do you conduct animal testing with the product or ingredients?

A. We are the manufacturer and do not conduct any animal testing with our products. We are a cruelty free company.

Q. Will this work to remove vomit and poop as well?

A. Yes  the Pet Stain & Odor Terminator works on any organic stain.

Q. Is it safe for wool rugs?

A. Yes, our enzyme cleaner has the seal of approval by the Carpet and Rug institute. It is guarantee to be safe for all types of carpets.

Q. Will this product work on set in odors/stains?

A. Yes, it works very well on old set in stains and odors. The cleaning process for older stained carpet and odor is a little different, but the Terminator is very effective at removing those.

Q. Can you use this in your carpet shampooer?

A. We do not recommend using our enzymatic cleaner in your carpet cleaning machine. The reason is that it dilutes the active ingredients and thereby makes it less effective. We do have a carpet cleaner that is designed for use in your cleaning machines.


Q. What types of cleaning machines will this work in?

A. Any national brand carpet cleaner.

Q. Can I use this on a Berber rug?

A. Yes, we have even had customers use this on hand woven rugs

Q. Do you use the terminator product first and then use the carpet cleaner?

A. When cleaning tough spots from your carpet, we recommend using our enzyme cleaner to pre-treat the spot prior to using Bubba’s Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner.

Q. Do you use this WITH carpet cleaning solution in the separate solution tank?

A. Yes

Q. What size is the bottle?

A. 32 oz bottle that uses one ounce of solution per gallon of water.


Q. What does it REALLY taste like?

A. Mint. It’s hard getting a dog or cat to allow you to brush their teeth. This solution requires no brushing. Just add to their water bowl.

Q. What are the ingredients? Where is it made?

A. The ingredients listed are: Purified Water, Peppermint Flavor, Spearmint Flavor, Glycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Baking Soda, Aloe Vera Extract, Stevia. All our products are Made in the USA.

Q. Will a drink fountain reduce the effectiveness?

A. This can sometimes depend on the filtering system your fountain uses.

Q. What does the product do?

A. It helps reduce plaque and tartar without brushing and freshens your pet’s breath, thereby promoting good dental hygiene.


Q. Is this shampoo safe to use with topical flea treatment and not wash it off?

A. Yes, our pet shampoo has been formulated to be safe for use with pets that have topical flea treatments.

Q. Is this a dog shampoo and conditioner?

A. Yes, this shampoo not only cleans but is also a conditioner that moisturizes using several unique essential oils and fruit extracts.

Q. Will it work on dry itchy skin?

A. Yes

Q. What does it smell like?

A. Cherries. We use cherry tree extract as one of the ingredients. Your pet will smell wonderful for days.

Q. Will it help repaired my pets damaged coat?

A. Yes, professional groomers use our shampoo because of the benefits our ingredients offer to repair damaged coats and relieve the itchy skin associated with it.

Q. How Often Should This Ultra Oatmeal Shampoo Be Used?

A. This will depend on your pets coat and skin condition. If your pet has dry Itchy skin, coat allergens, really thick coat or has issues with insect bites, we recommend bathing once a week. Vets recommend bathing twice per month for normal coat and skin care.

Q. Does This Shampoo Contain Soap?

A. No, none of our shampoos contain soap or detergent as recommended by groomers and vets.

Q. Can I use This Shampoo On My Puppy or Kitten?

A. We recommend this shampoo not be used on puppies or kittens under the age of 12 weeks.

Q. My Dog Has Skin Problems, Will This Shampoo Be Good For Them?

A. Yes, this is the best formulated shampoo on the market for dogs with skin issues. This formula was optimized by a pharmacist who worked in conjunction with vets and groomers to create a premium spa quality pet shampoo that addresses the most common issues pet owners face with their dogs and cats grooming needs.


Q. Is This Spray Safe For Fabric Couches?

A. Yes. It is safe for most fabric couches, chairs, and cushions but we do recommend spot testing first to be safe.

Q. Will The Spray Kill House Plants?

A. No, It is safe to spray on house plants to stop your pets from chewing on them.

Q. Will The Spray Discourage Cats From Scratching Carpet And Rugs?

A. Yes

Q. Can This Spray Be Used On Walls And Wood Without Staining?

A. Yes.

Q. Is This Product Safe To Spray Directly On Pets?

A. Yes. The Tea tree Oil in the spray is actually soothing when applied on hot spots, flea bites, and other skin abrasions. It will also help stop pets from licking or gnawing sores as well.

Q. How Do You Use This Spray As A Training Aid?

A. Spray a small amount on a paper towel or cloth rag and hold up to their nose as a deterrent for bad behavior.

Q. Does This Spray Cause A Rash On Humans?

A. No. You can apply this spray to your hands, ankles, or feet to stop pets from biting, nipping, or chewing.

Q. Will This Spray Stop My Pet From Peeing On The Carpet?

A. No, this spray is an anti-chew deterrent. If you are having problems with pets urinating on carpeting and floors, use Bubba's Pet Stain & Odor Terminator to remove stains and odor from old urine spots to stop re-marking by pets.


Q. Does This Product Really Control Ear Mites And Infections?

A. Yes it does. Our ear cleaner is formulated to control ear mite infestation, clean dirt, grime, ear wax, reduce ear redness, reduce ear infections, and deodorize the ear canal.

Q. Can This Be Used On Cats?

A. Absolutely!

Q. Do You Spray The Solution Into The Ear Canal?

A. No. Soak a cotton ball and gently clean the outer ear then the inner ear canal. For redness or infections, soak a cotton ball and squeeze the cleaner on to the infected area. This no rinse formula is safe to let dry inside the ear canal.

Q. Does This Spray Irritate My Pets Ears?

A. Not at all. Our solution is pharmacist formulated to be safe and gentle for your pet.

Q. Will This Cleaner Stop My Dog From Scratching His Ears?

A. Yes, if your pet is scratching because of ear redness, ear infection, or ear mites.

Q. My Pet Has Redness In His Ears. Will This Help?

A. Yes it will. The cleaner is formulated to kill bacteria that cause ear redness and ear infections for your pet.


Q. How many chews come in each package?

A. 90 to 93 soft chews come in each 1 lb bag. These chews are large 5 gram treats for your dog. They are a great tasting treat with health benefits.

Q. Does it actually improve the movement and flexibility of older dogs?

A. Yes, this product was formulated by our in-house pharmacist. It contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin which is known to promote hip and joint flexibility, in a tastey treat your dogs will love the taste.

Q. What do your recommend for dosing?

A. The dosage is on each bag. However starting a maintenance program requires you to double up on the dosage for the first two weeks. This will allow the ingredients to build up in your pets system and start the repair and healing process sooner.

Q. Is this good for all size dogs?

A. Yes, it can be used from a Poodle to a 200 plus pound Mastiff. Our recommended dosing on the back of the bag is the optimal dosage recommended by your dog’s weight.

Q. Are any of the ingredients sourced from China?

A. NO, all our products are made in the USA and all our ingredients are sourced and manufactured in the US.


Q. Does Your Company Stand Behind Its Products?

A. YES, We are a small family owned business and our customers mean the world to us. We offer only the highest quality products, and we back it up with a 100% money back guarantee. Love It or Your Money Back!!